Salt Crystal Predictor and Quick Lookup

May 28, 2009

I have been working with a protein that is quite soluble in sodium potassium phosphate (yes, I should find another buffer). I set up crystal trays using screens from each of the major of screen manufactures: Hampton Research, Qaigen, Microlytic and Emerald Biosystems.

I came across a number of conditions containing magnesium chloride so was worried about the formation of magnesium phosphate crystals instead of protein crystals. I then decided to search for a tool that would allow me to quickly identify what conditions have the ‘possibility’ of forming salt crystals. I came across a site called the crystal screen wizard with a tool called the Salt Crystal Predictor. The tool is very easy to use:

1) select a screen (if it is not listed then you can upload your own)
2) write out the protein buffer condition is present while screening


In addition, if you do not like flipping through pages of what conditions are in which well for a particular screen, you may also find this tool helpful.

Quick Lookup

1) select a screen 2) condition number –> outputs the condition

quicklookup Salt Crystal Predictor and Quick Lookup

I would like if the tool did not send the user to a separate page after clicking submit, but is still a time saver.

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